Experienced, knowledgeable accompanist and vocal coach for classical singers
Excellent sight-reader
Broad knowledge of repertoire
Specializing in vocal and choral areas, also available for instrumentalists
Former voice major, graduate degree in musicology
Reasonable rates
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A selection of the voice studios I have played for: Jean Del Santo, Dwayne Jorgenson, Barbara Kierig, Rosalind Laskin, Harriet McCleary, Glenda Maurice, Dale Moore, Roy Schuessler, Clifton Ware, Larry Weller, Virginia Zeani
Choral organizations I have accompanied: University of Minnesota Concert Choir, University of Minnesota Men's Chorus, University of Minnesota Choral Union, Minnesota Composer's Forum Chorale, Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church Chancel Choir (St. Paul) , Minneapolis Vocal Consort
Theaters and other venues where I have worked: Gilbert and Sullivan Very Light Opera Company (Minneapolis), University of Minnesota Opera Theater, Prairie Home Companion, Thursday Musical (Minneapolis), Schubert Club (St. Paul), Chimera Theater (St. Paul), Gustino's restaurant (Marriot, Minneapolis)
My voice teachers have included Barry Busse, Dwayne Jorgenson, Shirley Kartarik, Dale Moore, Roy Schuessler, Clifton Ware. Piano studies at the University of Minnesota, Indiana University, and MacPhail School of Music (Minneapolis). Master's Degree in Musicology from Indiana University